Why SLPs Need TpT

I'm linking up with Speech Time Fun (aka: Miss Speechie) to discuss why we need Teachers Pay Teachers.
My language therapy has really been beefed up by using TpT. I'm able to target each individual goal for my students, and make therapy more meaningful for them. No more "one activity fits all" in my Speech Room! It has definitely gotten me out of a rut!
The Book Companions. Oh. My. I've been using books for years, but usually just tried to find a game that would come close to book. With the packets, I can zero in on each student's goal.
When I first learned of TpT, I hesitated because of the expense of the card stock, ink, and laminating pouches. After I used a few products, I realized that it's worth it. I still hesitate with some products that take a lot of ink, but printing things on "draft" instead of "normal" helps save ink.
Some of my favorites:
Any of the book companions by Jenn Alcorn or Mindy Stenger. Do you have students who need extra visuals? Jennifer Hanson's book companions are perfect for that.
Structured Sentence Building by Queen's Speech
All Y'all Need's Write and Say the Room series is great to use for homework, as well as independent work for my 5 minute days.
This fall, I used the following items a lot:
~ Autumn Worksheet & Homework Bundle (Lauren LaCour)
~ Fall Themed  Speech & Language Packet  (Speechy Musings)

I just couldn't thank the creative SLPs enough for what they've done for me AND my students!

Want to see why other SLPs think TpT is a must? Click here to see why!


  1. thanks for linking up and sharing the idea of printing on draft!!

  2. I love the Structured Sentence Building activity too!! Great idea for printing on draft- I'll have to try that :)

  3. So glad the Write and Say the Room is working well for you!


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