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I'm linking up with Kelly @ Speech2u for her Blogiversary and Instagram Giveaway! Don't have a Cariboo Game? Run, as fast as you can, over to Kelly's and see how to enter!
(This post is actually a combination of 2 previous posts, so if it sounds familiar, that's why!)

The following is an activity I made using LessonPix for the book The Wild Toboggan Ride  (Suzan Reid.)
To download, click on the picture. You will be taken to the activity in LessonPix, then you can download. (You can get a free 30 day trial to try it out; a year's subscription is only $36! 

I don't know if I just have sneaky kids or if everybody has this problem, but I noticed several of my kids figured out pretty quickly that they could look at an open door at an angle and see where the balls are. For the 2nd day we played the game, I closed the door after they opened it and put a card on it so they would know which had already been chosen.
I started off the session by reading the book, The Wild Toboggan Ride (Suzan Reid), and the kids put the sequencing pictures on the wooden sled. Then, they opened up each door in the correct sequential order after saying their target words. My Kindergarten group picked which door they wanted to open after telling what it had to do with the story.

That's how I used my Cariboo game. I found my game at Goodwill last summer. It was originally priced for $5, but  I told the worker that I wouldn't pay any more than $2 since it was missing some balls. If you don't have one, run to Kelly's and enter the giveaway!

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