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After I read Playing with Words 365's post Fall and Halloween Speech and Language Roundup, I decided to start writing monthly posts on my favorite blog posts that I read throughout the month. This is mainly so I can remember the posts that I read that had great ideas in therapy. I wasn't sure where I could store them so I'd have them at my fingertips, and then I thought that maybe other SLPs would like to have them as well. 
Sparklle SLP suggested this become a monthly linky, so Favorite Posts of the Month Linky was born. Let's keep it simple: Post no more than 5 of your favorite posts that you read over the past month. Feel free to use the graphic that's at the top of this post and on my sidebar: right click, choose "copy", and then "paste" into your post. Don't forget to link back to my post! The hardest part will be limiting it to 5 posts!
Teach Speech 365 shared an idea she found to make cleaning up after cutting laminated material so much easier in Grab a Bowl!

To us "old timers", making modifications to materials to ease frustrations is just part of the job. Speech Time Fun has a few suggestions on how to modify material in her post Doesn't Work Just as it is for your Students? Modify It!
That picture says it all, doesn't it? I loved this post on making videos while you're traveling (even if it's to your own backyard!) and sharing it with your students. A lot of my students have never even been out of the county, much less to New Zealand! I wish I had thought of making videos during what little traveling I've done so far. Check out Erik X. Raj's post by clicking on the picture.
quick tips 1
The Dabbling Speechie has done it again!  This month, she gave us some quick tips that are so helpful! Click here for the post.
Mia at Putting Words in Your Mouth found an awesome way to collect data while doing push-in therapy in a classroom. Check it out in her post A Techie Tool for  your Speech Room and Push In.

TPT valentine love
The Dabbling Speechie posted another list of TpT materials. Not only that, but she categorized them, too! Check out her post Speechie TPT LOVE is in the air: Valentine’s day TPT Round Up!
What were some of your favorite posts this month? Link up and let everyone know!

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