Week in Review: 01/30/2015

I started this linky so that SLPs could go to 1 place to get ideas for therapy. Write a post about either what you did this week, or what you have planned for next week. All I ask is that you share a link back to my blog in your post.
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This week we were all about snow. (It is January, after all!) Some of my groups read The Snowy Day (Ezra Jack Keats).

5 Minute Day:
Students on the word level used my "Winter Hat" Homework sheet (on the left) to write words with their target in the hat. The ones that are on the sentence level (along with my fluency students) filled in the blanks in the story from Heather Porter's Snowy Speech Packet (FREE!). All of the students (except for my Kinders & 1st graders) used the lists that are included in this packet. My younger kids glued pictures from the Super Duper Jumbo Articulation Drill Book. I made the pictures smaller so they would fit onto the hats. (See my Quick Tip Tuesday #2 post to see how I did it.) When the kids got through with that activity, they used Articulate It! (Smarty Ears) for auditory bombardment.
To see larger pictures, just click on one and scroll through!

Game Day:
I gave the students a choice on Wed. & Thurs. 
Yay, Snow Day! (FREEBIE from Dean Trout), or
 Snowman Battle! (Part of Jenn Alcorn's Open-ended Winter Games!)
Upper Elementary Language:
We continued to tackle idioms using Winter Figurative Language (SLP Runner). One of my students missed most of his session on Thurs. due to class pictures, so he didn't get to the Draw to Learn Idioms (FREE from GoldCountry SLP). Another student had time to do one:
It took a while for her to draw the What does it really mean? picture, but I thought the end result was great! I'm planning on taking all of these and having her put it in a notebook that she can take with her to refer back to if she needs it.

Lower Elementary Language:
Using Winter Themed Speech & Language Packet (Speechy Musings), I had several students work on either answering wh questions, or putting the sentence in the correct order.
We made this cute little craft, courtesy of Shining and Sparkling in First. I just modified it a tad: the students put target pictures (either words that contained their sound, or winter actions) on the marshmallows. You can find the freebie here.
(Don't you just my student's shirt? She is just so stinkin' adorable!)
My walk-in little one who is working on verbs worked on the book In Winter I Can (Free from AACchicks at Dynamic Therapy Associates, Inc). I used pictures from Custom Boards (Smarty Ears) for the visual cues.
What was going on in your therapy room this week, or what do you have planned for next week? 


  1. Thanks for hosting! Oooh.. that little mug craft is too cute! It looks easy too! :)

  2. Love to see what everyone is doing! Thanks for hosting! :)


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