I Read the Blog Post...Now What?

When I started my "personal" blog in 2010, I received a lot of help. The thing about bloggers, any bloggers, is that they're more than happy to help in any way they can. I asked countless questions and received answers to all of them, regardless of how stupid they probably were. I found out how to add cute backgrounds to my blog, as well as how to participate in linky parties. Most importantly, I found out about blogging etiquette, or, more importantly, commenting etiquette.
See, most (if not all) bloggers love receiving comments. It helps us confirm that someone is out there reading what they've taken the time to read. It validates us, and we all need some validation.
Don't know how to leave a comment? On most blogs, all you have to do is click on the "comments" at the end of the post. I've made an example and put it in the yellow box:
If there aren't any comments, click on "No Comments" A few blogs have theirs at the beginning of the post, just after the date of the post. Once you click, you'll see a box where you can write your comment:
After you click "Publish", some bloggers prefer that you verify that you are an actual person. With some comments, you may be required to put in your name, as well as other information. Don't let that scare you; the blogger is protecting herself/himself from spam, as well as having a way to contact you to respond to your comment.
There are different formats for the comment section, but it really is that easy. Don't feel like you're "stalking" the blogger; commenting is one way we all get to know each other! Don't agree with what was written? It's okay to state your opinion...that's one way to open up a discussion.
If you're reading this post, don't be shy...I love comments!


  1. Love this post! I would not comment at all before I started my own blog. I was worried I would be viewed as creepy or that my info would be out there for everyone! You are totally right. We love comments! Now I never hesitate. Thanks for letting everyone know!!

  2. I am reading your blog and enjoy it a lot! I don't have a blog and can't imagine trying to maintain one while continuing to work full time and raise a family - kudos to you!!! Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks Mary! It is wonderful to get comments, it's true! I always appreciate just a little word letting me know my words are being read!

  4. This is awesome Mary! Yes, comments are always so appreciated. I used to worry that mine needed to be perfect-they don't. It's just conversation right? And we SLPs are good at that.


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