Week in Review: 01/16/2015

I started this linky so that SLP Bloggers could go to 1 place to get ideas for therapy. Write a post about either what you did this week, or what you have planned for next week. All I ask is that you share a link back to my blog in your post.
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Wow! Time for another Week in Review already? Where is this year going?

5 MInute Day:
I decided it was time to start my Kindergartners on 5 Minute Days. They seemed to catch on quickly to what was expected, but I really could have used a nap after their groups!
I kept it simple this week: I used the Roll & Color sleds from Mindy Stenger's Roll and Color Winter-Themed Articulation and Language Reinforcers (Free!). Instead of coloring the sleds, I put a sheet on a cookie sheet (from the Dollar Tree) and the students put a magnetic pom-pom on the sleds. Articulate it! (Smarty Ears) was used for the listening station.
One of my students is working pretty heavily on using correct grammar. I pulled out Winter Speech Glyphs (The Speech Bubble) and he worked on irregular past tense verbs while I worked with another student. When it was his turn for his 5 minutes with me, he used the irregular past tense verbs in sentences.
Winter Speech Glyphs
Game Day:
I finally used my Cariboo Game that I found at Goodwill months ago. Since this week's activities were centered around The Wild Toboggan Ride (Suzan Reid), I used the cards I made with LessonPix.  My kids absolutely loved Cariboo!
I don't know if I just have sneaky kids or if everybody has this problem, but I noticed several of my kids figured out pretty quickly that they could look at an open door at an angle and see where the balls are. For the 2nd day we played the game, I closed the door after they opened it and put a card on it so they would know which had already been chosen.
I started off the session by reading the book, and the kids put the sequencing pictures on the wooden sled. Then, they opened up each door in the correct sequential order after saying their target words. My Kindergarten group picked which door they wanted to open after telling what it had to do with the story.

Not only did I use the activities that I made through LessonPix (see the run down here), but I managed to throw together a craftivity to go along with the book:
My artic kids glued pictures with their targets on the toboggans; my language kids sequenced the pictures on the toboggan. It may not be very pretty (or creative!), but it worked!

Alright, you know what to do! Write a post with what you did last week, or what you plan to do next week, and don't forget to link up!


  1. I love, love, love the magnetic poms! So I'm wondering if I can just do all theses activities in my speech room next week...and maybe you could come facilitate, LOL! Love everything!

  2. Your week looks great! My students also figured out you could see where the balls are in Cariboo :/ These kids are too smart for their own good! :)

  3. What amazing ideas! Baby, after 30 years, you still got it going on! (Don't tell my daughter, I talked trendy, she'll be soooo embarrassed)


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