Quick Tip Tuesday #2

 Kim is hosting "Quick Tip Tuesday". Posts that are short, sweet, and to the point...what could be better?

Last week, I needed some smaller pictures targeting certain sounds so that my Kinders could glue them on snowflakes & take home for homework. I used the disk from Super Duper's Jumbo Articulation Drill Book . Under the "print" option in a pdf,  look for Page Sizing and Handling, and click on Multiple.
Changing the Pages per Sheet to 2 by 2 will put 4 pages on a sheet, which was perfect for that activity. (I'm using Cause & Effect: Space Theme by A Speechie's World for this example.)
I've also used this same feature to print off materials from TpT to save ink, paper, and laminating sheets, but only if I felt that I could use it in a smaller format.

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  1. I wonder if that option is available on a Mac? I'll have to look. Great idea!

    1. I didn't even think about a Mac not having that option. Let me know if it works or not!

  2. GREAT idea! I will have to start doing this!

  3. This is a great quick tip! Thanks for sharing! :)


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