The Snowy Day

I'm joining up with other SLPs at Speech is Sweet for her weekly linky.  It's super easy to link up: just write a blog post about the book that you're using this week, along with how you're using it in therapy. Then, link up!
 I wish you could have seen the girls' faces when I pulled this book out yesterday to read it to a couple of girls after we finished their 5 minute day! We had a 2 hour delay yesterday because of snow, so it was the perfect book! The funny thing was that I had this planned before we even left for Christmas Break.
This book is such a classic. It's filled with so many chances to infer and predict. Actions, winter vocabulary, and basic concepts can also be heavily targeted, along with a lot of "wh" questions.
What are you reading this week? Link up with Speech is Sweet, or at least stop by and see what everybody is reading this week!

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  1. Thanks for linking up! Words cannot express how much I LOVE this book! Also.. I want some snow!


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