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You may have seen these icons on blogs:

Or, maybe this:

I think we all assume people know what those icons are. There are so many wonderful speech blogs out there, that it can become quite overwhelming. How do you make sure you're not missing out on an important post?
I've tried a couple of different ways to keep track of the blogs: blogspot used to have a feed (but it hasn't been reliable since Google "kind of" did away with their "google friend connect") and flipboard. I've even tried subscribing to blogs to have the posts delivered to email. (In the past few weeks I have unsubscribed from blogs to free up my email, but I've made sure I'm following them on Bloglovin'!)
I resisted using this site for a while. Looking back, I'm not sure why.
Anyone can use Bloglovin'.  One of the huge advantages is being able to categorize your blogs. Since I also have a personal blog, I needed a way to separate my personal from professional. Here's a peek at my categories:
If I don't have a whole lot of time, I can click on the category and scroll through those posts. It saves me a lot of time clicking through posts that may not be of interest to me at that time. If I see a post I want to read right away, I click on the title of the post:
If I want to save it for later, I just click on the "save" at the bottom left corner, then I have the option to save it to a collection.
I can even share the post directly from Bloglovin'.
If you don't have enough blogs to read, Bloglovin' will have suggestions for you.  You can also search for a blog. If the blog isn't already on the site, you can add it.

I'm just sorry that I resisted Bloglovin' for so long! It would have made my life so much easier! How do you organize your blogs that you read?


  1. I use Bloglovin' but I am behind by about 6 months. Thinking that I will just start fresh. Saturday mornings with a cup of hot coffee and some quick blog reading sounds like a good start to my weekend. (because I'm a nerd.)

  2. It took me a while to join the Bloglovin' train, but I, too really enjoy my Saturday morning coffee and catch up! Be sure to add www.sweetspeech.org to your list :-)


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