Quick Tip Tuesday #7

 Kim is hosting "Quick Tip Tuesday". Posts that are short, sweet, and to the point...what could be better?
I just love this idea:
Yes, it's another idea I stole...this time from Jenn at Crazy Speech World. Inside the boxes are cut-up pictures, separated into sounds. I used the pictures from Jumbo Articulation Drill Book (Super Duper, Inc.). I got the boxes from the Dollar Tree, used some free labels from TpT, and glued them onto the boxes.
 When we're working on an activity and need to glue pictures, I reach for the boxes I need and... ¡Voila!  We're ready to glue!  I put the smaller pictures in a smaller container and just put it inside the boxes. For example: for my /k,g/ small pictures, I have a small container inside the /k,g/ box.
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  1. I love this idea~It seems like it would make prepping even easier! Thanks for linking up :) {I also love your new button/logo cover!}

  2. So smart! Anytime you have something already prepared it's such a great feeling!


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