On/Off Topic: Spring FREEBIE!

Last Friday, I worked with a student who has difficulty staying on topic. I bought Badger State Speechy's On Topic Packet! specifically for this student. I knew it would be perfect for him! As we went through the included story, I saw a problem: He didn't understand what "on topic" and "off topic" meant. I knew I needed something to illustrate this. I came up with this:

To use, put the "A" cards in 1 stack and the "B" cards in the other. Don't worry about them matching. Sometimes they will, sometimes they won't. Have the student read (or you can read) each card, and tell you if the "B" card is on topic, or off topic. Discuss each pair: why is it on topic, or why is it off topic.
This is my first attempt at making something on my own. I was a little frustrated at first until I got the hang of keeping the boxes the same size. I debated putting it on TpT as a freebie (I'm currently not a seller). I searched my soul and realized I don't have the time to get into selling. (Thank goodness there are those of you who do!)
If you would like a free download, click here
Thank you to mycutegraphics.com for such cute (free!) graphics to use.
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  1. Thanks! Love it quick simple and to the point!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing!! :D

  3. You did great with your first materials packet! This is perfect for 2 students on my caseload. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Well done, Mary!! Thank you so much for sharing. You really are an inspiration in so many ways!


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