Quick Tip Tuesday #8

 Kim   is hosting   usually hosts "Quick Tip Tuesday", but she is ridiculously busy for the next couple of weeks. I've decided to carry on as if she had all the time in the world. (I like living in denial!) Posts that are short, sweet, and to the point...what could be better?
Do you have PECS pictures that are just hanging around in envelopes? I know I did...up until a year ago when I saw one of these in my Pre-K teacher's room:
(She's da bomb...just sayin', & I really miss her!)
I got this bead case from WalMart, so it's not the best quality. If I used it more than I do, and opened it more than I do, I would invest in something of a better quality, but it works for the students I'm working with now.
I have my pictures organized in alphabetical order, but categories would work, too.
Where do you keep your PECS pictures?

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