2 Facts and a Fib: The Fib Revealed!

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It's time for the big reveal!!!!
I'm going to go backwards for my choices:
C. I went to Mass with Mel Gibson. FACT!
Part of the movie The Patriot (starring Mel Gibson) was filmed in the town where I lived in SC. The scene with the tents in the field? That was shot in the gym of our YMCA! One Sunday right after Mass ended, my husband looked at me and told me that Mel was in Mass. He said he slipped in after Mass started and left right before Communion. I can't believe he didn't tell me during Mass! I guess he knew I would just be staring at him and not paying attention!

B.My grandfather invented the corn stalker. (You had to know this one was true. Who could make that stuff up?)
My maternal grandfather, who was an immigrant from (then) Austria, actually did invent the cornstalker; however, he didn't keep up with the patent. If you're ever in College Station, Tx., and are in the museum at Texas A&M, you can see it on display.

A. I may be a Southerner, but I was born in NY. FIB.
I'm a true Southerner: I was born a Southerner, and I'll die a Southerner!  I've only lived in these states: Tn., Ga., and SC. In fact, I've only visited places out of the South 6 times: once to the Bahamas, NY, Az., and Mn., and twice to Europe. (I need to get out more!)

So, if you chose A, CONGRATULATIONS!

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  1. Very interesting! It was a toss up between the corn stalker and being born in NY, but I figured you are all Southern girl!

  2. I may have to stop at the museum the next time I go through College Station!



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