2 Weeks Down and Ready to Go!

2 weeks down, 7 more until:
I really do love my job, and I laughed a lot this past week, so I'm not ready to retire...yet! I'm looking forward to this Fall Break because to kick it off, I get to spend the weekend with my sisters & sisters-in-law (we usually end up with 6-8 of us going). Every year we rent a cabin in the mountains and "hole-up" for the weekend. No husbands, no kids; just us girls. We laugh, we fuss, we eat, we drink, we watch football; we have a wonderful time. This year, we're starting off a day earlier than usual; it always seems like we just get there and it's time to pack up and leave.
But first, I've gotta get through 7 weeks. I saw my students for the first time on Wed. & Thurs. at both of my schools. I have 5 dismissals to do at 1 school, and 2 at the other. (Thank you, whoever came up with the "karla technique"!!!) This past week and a half I screened and took about 10 minutes to do a schedule. I thought I was going to hit a snag with scheduling at my mountain school, but the "scheduling gods" were on my side & I ended up not having to rearrange. I sent out permissions for Quick Speech, received them all back at 1 school, got the data collection/homework sheets ready, and saw one of the students on Friday.
A former co-worker (Hi, Sarah!) messaged me last week asking for a recommendation to use for that first day in therapy. She wanted something for the kids to understand why they are in Speech/Language. I forwarded a few suggestions to her, and then decided to use Natalie Snyder's Speech Language Therapy Student Goal Display Freebie for myself.

It's amazing that after 30 years I can still be surprised at what I take for granted. Before the students completed their sheets, I went over my wall display to help them think about why they come to speech/language:
(This can be found for free in my TpT Store.  I made the "Story Retell" darker for better visibility. I just added a Voice and Fluency page.)
My students also learned a few new vocabulary words by reviewing the We are Speech Wall Decor. (I re-did the "S" and the letters for the "E" to make them more visible.)

What I have planned for next week:
I'll be probing my artic students to determine exactly where they are with their progress, and we'll play Big John. Kind of disgusting, but they really like it!
I'm not sure at this point what we're going to do for the last part of the week, but I'm not stressing out about it...I have a whole cabinet of games to choose from! It'll be down to business the next week.
I'm anxious to get started with EET with my language groups. I just received another kit last week, so now I have one for each school which will save me a lot of carrying back and forth.
My younger language kids who are working on producing complete sentences and answering wh? will be using Speech Universe's Summer Interactive Books (since it's technically still summer).  
Summer Interactive Books                 
I'll pull some other things out, as well as use some apps for this week. I like to slide into my weekly planning so I'm not so stressed out!
What do you do that first week of therapy?

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  1. Hi Mary, Great post! Our schedules are very similar--you are a week ahead of me! I love the EET!!!! You will find a million ways to use it. It is a wonderful tool that is very easy to implement! :)


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