Surviving the First Week: Check Off Your To-Do List!

The Frenzied SLPs have graciously allowed SLP Bloggers to participate in their blog hop! I'm in the middle of the 3rd week of school for teachers already (the kids are in their 2nd week), so my to-do list is already checked off. Here's what I did:
What about scheduling? I don't even think about it until midway through the first week that the kids are back. That way the specials' classes (art, music, p.e., guidance, library) are settled, and the special ed teachers have their schedules. The first week and a half of school is when I do my rechecks and mass screenings on the Kindergarten classes. I usually start seeing kids mid-week of the 2nd week of school. The first few sessions consist of checking progress with my students & more than likely pulling a game out of the cabinet to reduce the planning factor!
How does my list compare with yours?


  1. I hate the dust that gets everywhere! Love your list, especially the last tip!
    All Y’all Need

  2. Way to go - it's great you got everything checked off! Have a wonderful year!

  3. This is a great list. I know that I always feel better when I can put a big checkmark on my to do list

  4. Meetings...yuck is right! I suppose we never get used to it! I would love to see pics of your room now that it's dressed.


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