Lots of Fun This Week!

My week started out like this:
I was so proud of myself for having everything ready for my groups to do a craftivity. I forgot that the special ed class was on a field trip (that wiped out most of my morning) and that there was a program in the afternoon (which wiped out most of my afternoon). I managed to see a whopping 2 (yes, 2) students. Not groups...students. They were both Kinders, so they got to make Christmas Slides:

I was so bored, I did this while the school was in the program:
And this:
(Thank you, Erik X. Raj for helping me pass the time with these awesome apps!)
We did manage to get a little bit of work done:

Tuesday was better. My kids got to make their craftivity while I read "The Gingerbread Pirates" (Kristin Kladstrup). They didn't turn out quite as I had envisioned, but you've gotta love the creativity!
We played some team games:
And worked on On/Off Topic:
My little ones finished the week with reindeer cookies:
What fun things did you do in your therapy room this week?

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