Flexibility Can't Be Taught!

I haven’t done a very good job lately of posting therapy ideas, but my intern took an idea from Speech Therapy Fun  and modified it just a bit. I told her to do something fun her last day with us, so we looked through some of The Frenzied SLPs last linky posts for outdoor therapy ideas. 
We both thought the idea of making an outdoor board game looked like fun. Intern made the board using different color chalk. She made "stops" along the way; at first each student earned a piece of a craft when they stopped, but then she decided to make up a rhyme about each item needed and let them guess what they were going to use. 

She was a little more crowded at my mountain school, but she made it work.
She made a big die out of a pizza box (she IS still in school, after all, although she graduates next week!).
When the kids got to the end, they came back into the Speech Room and put their craft together:
I thought she did an awesome job, and the kids loved  it! Some school system is going to be extremely lucky to have her! 
This is her on her last day. I had to introduce her to The Peachie Speechie Store, and I thought the SLP necklace was perfect for her. Look how happy she is! She's a wonderful addition to our profession!!!

This week, we're all about aliens & underpants. My kids had a great time with this book and activities (which just happen to be from my Aliens  Love Underpants  Companion Packet). Some students worked on following directions using the barrier game that is included:
We had a good time playing the game to see who would get all 4 pairs of their underpants first:
I had a bit of an "AHA" moment when I was prepping for my walk-in Preschooler. She's working on /h/ on the phrase level, and I wanted something "hands on" for her, and something she could take home to work on. Here's what I came up with:
She took a picture and either put it up high, or hid it under the firefly.  The carrier phrases were "_____ up high" and "_____ is hiding". Worked like a charm!

I have one more full week of therapy, then a partial week, followed by the beginning of "summer" break. What fun things do you toward the end of the year?

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  1. What a GREAT post Mary! I absolutely LOVE all of the ideas!!!


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