On the Downhill Slide! {A Frenzied SLP Linky}

Year #32 is almost in the books! (2 more weeks for me, but don't be too jealous...the kids are back in school 01 August!) It’s time to start that downhill slide towards summer break. Thanks to Gold Country SLP, All Y’all Need, and Looks Like Language for hosting this month.

Here are some tips for surviving those last few weeks:
1) Keep to yourself. 
Everyone is stressed, emotions are high. It’s easy to get caught up in drama. Keep your nose to the grindstone and keep doing what you do best----your job. Do what you need to in order to stay out of drama: hole up in your room, even during lunch. In this case, ignorance is definitely bliss. You’ll be much better off not knowing who got upset with whom, or which parent is upset with the school, or even what teachers are being moved to different grades.
Here's an excellent quote I ran across while writing this post:
Don't  worry so much about what is going on around you, and start paying attention to what's going on within you. ---Matthew Kelly  (from his book The Narrow Path)
       2) Get a jump on next year.
       If you’re changing schools, clean out your room. Leave it like you would want it if you were walking in there for the first time.  I use this time to review rescreens for next year. I make a list of “to do” items when I get back for the next school year. (It’s not a bad idea to make a list of your codes/passwords…you may think you’re going to remember what they are, but when you sit down at your desk for the first time in the new school year, you’ll be amazed that it’s not second nature!) I also make a list of what activities I want to do at the beginning of the year.
       3) Destress. 
      Believe it or not, this is the perfect time to start de-stressing so you can enjoy your break. Especially after those final progress reports have been written!
       4) Reflect on the past year: What went well, what didn’t go so well? What changes do you need to make to improve next year?
       5)  GET AWAY. 
      Once your break arrives, completely get away. Detach yourself from being an SLP, even if it’s just for a couple of weeks. That’s not so easy, but I’ve heard more than 1 principal tell his teachers to “just get away” and not to think about school. I promise you’ll come back refreshed and ready to see those little smiling faces at the beginning of the new school year!

       Do you have other ideas for your downhill slide? The Frenzied SLPs would love to hear them! If you're an SLP Blogger, just add your link below. If you're not a blogger, feel free to leave a Facebook post...you can still link up! Don't forget to follow us on our Facebook Page! You can find it here.


  1. Oh my gosh, I wrote the same thing "I close my door and work!" Love the Matthew Kelly quote. Thank you for always reminding me, I'm not alone!

  2. I love ALL of your tips! It is so important to think about the next year when packing up and not just throw everything in boxes. I might be speaking from personal experience.
    All Y’all Need

  3. Congrats on year #32! I need to remember the first tip wayyy too often. I must say though,I'm pretty focused on the last one right about now!

  4. I use all of your tips to help me get through! Finding time to reorganize can be very hard at the end of the year, but you will really appreciate it in the fall when you go looking for materials. I have to say, I especially like the last one!


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