Looking Ahead: Getting in the Routine

I've finished the first week of therapy. I've probed all of my students and have a pretty good idea of where they are. I have about 6 students who are ready for dismissal, and about 6 more that I found through screenings to evaluate. It's a revolving door, for sure!

After last week's debacle with planning (you can read more about it on Tuesday), we'll see how smoothly this coming week goes! 

Since it technically is still summer, I'm centering therapy around There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell (Lucille Colandro). I have a couple of different book companions that I can pull from to meet the needs of everyone on my caseload.

While I'm reading the story at the beginning of the week, the students have to feed the old lady the vocabulary cards! Both companions that I will be pulling from have sequence activities, which will be perfect for my students who are working on sequencing and retelling stories. Simply Speech's packet includes a blackline sequencing so the students can take it home and retell the story to their parents. She also has a simple following directions activity for my students who are working on that skill. In addition, there is a "Story Scavenger Hunt"; my students will find words in the story that have their sounds and write them on the lines. Perfect for the first 5-minute day of the year! 
The Interactive Book Attachments (Speechy Musings) that can be used for all of the "old lady" books are going to work great with my students working on saying complete sentences. 

For the "game day" section of the week, Crazy Speech World's packet includes an open-ended game. Since I have a few students working on story elements, the Retelling Art will be fun for those students.

I used this book a couple of years ago, but some of the activities in the packets that I'm using next week weren't used because of my caseload. I won't hear any of my current students say that they've done the activity before since I rotate books (and activities) year-to-year. 

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