The Frenzied SLPs Best Year Ever Bonus Sale and Tips from the Trade {Linky}

TpT is helping us be better prepared by having a BONUS site-wide sale on Monday, 22 August! It's a last chance to get some added savings to make therapy interesting for our students.

Over the summer, I bundled my non-competitive games. Since I do monthly themes in my speech room that are centered around seasons and holidays, each packet includes a game specifically for the season, as well as games for the holidays within that season.

I've said this time & time again: My kids LOVE these games! I use them when I have groups, as well as with my students whom I see individually. Since the games are non-competitive, they win or lose together. 
Each game comes with a very short story to introduce the game. I use these games with artic and language students. Just have them produce their target and then choose a card. (I use a tissue box for the cards.)
I've used the games for an independent activity during 5 Minutes Days, too. The great thing about these games is that the student doesn't have to play with another student, they can play against themselves to win or lose!
If bought separately, the games would be $16; the bundle is regularly priced at $12. However, if you buy it on Monday, you get a whale of a deal: It will be priced at $8.64! Don't forget to use the code "oneday"!
AND, don't forget to leave feedback on former purchases for even more savings!
To purchase, click on the image below:
Team Games Seasonal Bundle
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  1. I love non-competitive games! I will check these out!

  2. These games look fantastic! I've just added them to my wishlist!

  3. Absolutely LOVE the non-competitive idea! How many times have we seen kids upset because they did not win? Ugh. You have the solution to that problem right here! :)

  4. Mary, your games are just what I need to continue to work on that ever so needed social language in a non-competitive way! Thanks for creating these!


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