Flexibility: It's Our Middle Name!

Even though we're all different, there's one thing we all have to have in common: the ability to be flexible. In our professional lives, there are so many things with which we have to be flexible:

1) Schedules. Not only when we go to pick up our kids and the teacher says the time won't work, but also when we add students to our caseload. 

2) During therapy. When the task is too easy/hard for the student, we're constantly modifying in order to get to that perfect level for him. Or, if a student is absent and you have to change an activity.

3) Speaking of changing activities: When you goof up (like I did) and have an activity planned, but then realize that what you have planned is a month early! For my first week's activity, I mentioned that it was Dot Day on the 15th. Ummm, yeah...it's actually on September 15th, not August. When I got to school last Monday, the art teacher had placed a large circle (dot) in everyone's box...with the date that she wanted it returned. (It wasn't August.) Luckily, I didn't have the dot activity planned for Monday, and, luckily, my friend Mia made a fantastic packet, Ocean Fun Pack. Some of my students used daubers:
And some of them used the roll & cover sheet to use "bump it":
To play "bump it", a student said her target, then rolled the 2 dice. They then put a chip on that number. If the other student rolled the same number, then she would bump the other person's chip off of the shark and put hers on. We would play either until all of the numbers were covered, or time ran out. Whoever had the most chips on the sharks was the winner. 
The whole packet is just adorable! Since I usually start out the year with an ocean theme, it was perfect! 

4) Meetings. When we're in a meeting and our goals for the student aren't exactly the same as the parents' ideas, we have to be flexible enough to take their goals into consideration. We are the experts, but they're the parents. Hopefully you can meet somewhere in the middle.

Can you think of some other ways we have to be flexible? 

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