Looking Ahead: Still Being Flexible!

This week's plans didn't go as planned. I didn't start my 5 Minute Day...hopefully next week! 
There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell was a big hit...as always! I don't know what it is about putting a card in a little plastic trash can, but the kids get such a big kick out of it!
One of my students is working on volume, so he worked on emotions and how they affect volume. We'll continue to work on this next week...practice is still needed!

Amelia Bedelia books (Peggy Parish) are the best for working with humor, multiple meanings, and inferencing, aren't they? As an added bonus, they make the kids laugh, too! I made this sheet for one of my students:
Since I had it on Google Docs, I let him type what Amelia Bedelia did for each task on the iPad.

When he finished, I showed him my laptop & printed it out. He said, "Whoa...it's just like magic!"  He was very impressed!!! The plan next week is to discuss what the phrase really means. I'll put the sheet in a "Write & Wipe Pocket", then let him take it home to redo. (Thanks, Annie for the idea!)
Living near (and in some of my kid's cases...in) the Smoky Mountains, camping is a big deal. I'm going to take some new materials for a spin!
I'm going to use my newly purchased Speech Camp: NO PREP Articulation (Speech is Sweet) at the beginning of the week, because it's only the 3rd week of therapy, and I have been inundated with transfers and referrals! And, if I really do a 5 Minute Day, this will be perfect for the individual center. 
For my students who are working on verbalizing vocabulary or making complete sentences, I've been using Speech Universe's Summer Interactive Books (since it's still summer...yet we're in school!). I've been using "What Do You See", and both of my students will be ready for "I can ___ in the Summer".
For the end of the week, I can't wait to use Sparklle SLP's Camp in Speech and Language Themed Therapy Pack for Mixed Groups. This pack has just about everything I need for my caseload! "wh" questions, an open-ended game for my "game day", directions, comparisons, irregular verbs, sequencing, plus behavior expectations. 
For my students who are transitioning from following directions with manipulatives to paper/pencil tasks, Panda Speech offers Camping Listen Up! Following Directions FREEBIE.
I finally feel like I've got my head above water...for the moment, anyway! I can get next week's paperwork completed and ready to go; that's always a big weight off my shoulders!
What do you have going on in your speech room next week?

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