Looking Ahead: Dotting the I

Halfway through one of my afternoon groups on Tuesday, I realized I had forgotten it was supposed to be 5-minute day...for the past 1.5 days! Yeah, even in a dream job things can get hectic!
I gave my students the choice to color, daub, or put a chip on the hotdogs on FREEBIE: Camping Speech Sheets from Jessica Finch (Everything Speechy)...all of them except 1 opted to daub them. 
My students loved  S'more Fun! from TLC Talk Shop on Wednesday and Thursday. No one wanted the stinky s'more, though. (No sense of adventure!)
I didn't see my kids working on social skills this week since we didn't have school on Monday & I had a system-wide speech meeting on Wednesday during their therapy times.
My students working on narrative/story retell began learning the story elements that go along with the Weber Story Builder

Now it's time to leave the camping theme behind, because the week I've been waiting for is here!!! If you'll remember back in Week 1, I talked about Dot Day.  I was so excited about it, but then I realized I was a month early! But now it's here!!!!  

Monday & Tuesday will be 5 minute day. My students like to play games...even if there's not a clear winner. I made this very simple, quick game for them to play at their independent station. At the end of the 5 minutes, they'll keep their game piece on the board. If there's time after each student has their five minutes with me, then we'll finish the game as a group.

For gameday, I'm going to use what I had planned on using a month ago, when I thought it was Dot Day:
We'll be reading The Dot (Creatology) by Peter H. Reynolds. Following that, they will take turns saying their targets, rolling the dice, and daubing that number of dots.

I've got usual routines for those students who need them, and I'm going to start hitting "wh" questions hard with a couple of students, thanks to the Interactive WH question Megabundle from Speech2U.

That's what I have planned for this week. What do your plans look like?

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