Looking Ahead: Pirate Week!

Oh, boy! It's a "two-fer"!!! I'm combining my "Looking Ahead" post with Sweet Southern Speech's Pirate Day linky. 
Graphics from www.mycutegraphics.com
Since Pirate Day is 19 September, this is what I have planned for next week. To see what I have planned for Dot Day (which I'm turning into "dot week"), click here. (There may be a couple of freebies included in that post!)

I try to have enough materials to be able to mix things up from year to year. this year, I'll be centering activities around the book How I Became a Pirate (Melinda Long & David Shannon).

During 5 Minute Day, the students will be getting their homework ready in the independent station. 

The pictures below will be printed out on a single label sheet & cut out to make stickers. There is also an option to use a circle punch for pictures without the words.
Thanks to Road to Speech for the great idea to copy pictures on a label sheet & use as stickers!
Some of my students will work on "wh" questions by answering questions about the book.
They will also be working on making complete sentences using an interactive book:
My older students will be working on describing a pirate

And defining pirate slang.
We'll be ending the week with a team game:
My students love Pirate Week. What do you have planned?


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