Looking Ahead: Pirates Ahoy!

I had to improvise a little last week; I was out 2 days taking care of family matters, so I didn't have the time to do my original plans for Pirate Week. I still wanted to do something "piratey", and I needed something for my students to take home for homework, so I made Pirate Homework.
After the students completed the homework and we got the sheet in their folders to take home, they had a few minutes for a quick game:
I told the students that we were going to do Pirate Week-and-a-Half. My plans for this coming week are the same as last week. I have a couple of students who are working on following directions during pencil-crayon/paper tasks. I found Pirate Themed Following Directions Coloring Pack-No Prep (The SLP Scrapbook) that is perfect to use with those students. I modified as needed last week.
On a sticky note, I wrote a few "wh" questions for the parents to ask, put it on the paper, and they had their homework for the week. I plan on using a different sheet for this coming week.

My older elementary students who are working on inferencing will get a chance to try out Pirates Inferencing and Vocabulary (SLP Runner). I'm all prepped and ready to go!

This week is the last week before Fall Break. It's hard to believe that the school year is already 1/4th over. But, with the end of the quarter comes Progress Reports, so I'm sure I'll be spending one day working on those during break.

How did your Pirate Week go? Are you extending it more than 1 week?

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