Looking Ahead: Well, Kind of!

Last week was incredibly busy, what with getting ready for the TAASLP Convention. I had an amazing time getting to know these 3 ladies:
From left to right: (me), The Speech Attic, The Speech Owl, and Short and Sweet Speech. They are a wealth of knowledge! After just a few short minutes, it was like we had known each other for a long time. We shared so many laughs & stories! Now that the convention is over, it's time to get down to real business.
Here I am in the middle of Week 10 for therapy, and it's almost time to look ahead to Week 11! Here's what's going on this week in my therapy room:
Luckily, Ashley Rossi had her Halloween Dice & Dots on sale yesterday through the SLP Materials Club. There are sheets for almost every sound I needed. I just had to write words in for /k,g/.
Some of my kids had a 5-Minute Day. They used a sheet for their independent station. I have some groups who are just getting started, so I didn't want to jump in with 5 minute day just yet. With those groups, they took turns dropping the dice into a jack-o-lantern box and saying a word that corresponded with the number they rolled. 
They didn't complete the whole page, so they'll take their pages home and work on the words that aren't "daubed" for homework.
1 of my students is working on on/off topic. He worked very hard today to explain why the 1 sentence was off topic. He told me what the topic of each sentence is, and I wrote that down, then we compared the 3 topics of each sentence to come up with why 1 was off topic.
With next week being Halloween, I've got to let my students have some fun! I was so excited to see these bags that The Speech Attic brought with her to go along with her Hungry Monsters Interactive Articulation Activity.
I don't know if the Targets around me sold out or didn't carry them, but I was really disappointed that they didn't have them. I'm going with something a little different for "game day":
My students will take turns trying to throw the bats into the monster's mouth (after saying their target a few times). Shortly after I took this picture, the left eye tore, so I actually have a 1-eyed monster! This is an activity that all  of my students are going to enjoy!

One of my students will be continuing to work on an idioms activity
While I was looking for the monster bags, I ran across some witch fingers and glow in the dark fangs for an excellent price. My kids will get an extra treat when they come to speech at the end of the week! 
I know Halloween isn't until Monday, but, since I'm at 2 schools (one is Mon/Wed and the other is Tues/Thurs),  I like to do the same activity on Monday and Tuesday, and then again on Wednesday and Thursday It definitely makes planning much easier. 
Are you allowed to do Halloween activities in your school? 

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