Looking Ahead: It's Going to Be Busy!

Just in case I haven't said it lately: I love to center my therapy activities around seasonal themes! Some of my students were surprised this week when we started Thanksgiving Activities; I don't think they realized that it's already November...the weather sure doesn't feel like it. 
Before I get into my plans for next week, I want to share the homework my students working on /k,g/ and /f/ took home this week.
Last week, I mentioned that I was going to use pages from Seasonal Artic Worksheets from Super Duper. The only problem is that I have the later sounds so I had to make something for my /k,g/ and /f/ students. If you would like a copy, click here.

Now for next week! When I looked through my materials for Thanksgiving, I realized I have very few (as in 2) book companion packets for November. I wanted something tailored to my caseload, so I spent last Saturday coming up with a packet that isn't just for a certain book. It can be used with any book, or no book at all. 
Click on the picture above to be taken directly to the product in my TpT Store.
Since Tuesday is Election Day, there's no school. For 5 minute day, I'm going to use a Chipper Chat Board since I didn't use it this week. (I decided to use a gameboard instead of the pompoms on the apples.)
This is part of a packet by Taylor Rodgers

My students working on saying complete sentences, vocabulary, and using he/she appropriately will work with an Interactive Booklet:

At the end of the week, they'll complete the take-home version so they can practice at home:

They'll also work on following directions. Some simple directions using basic concepts for the littlest ones:
And some more complex directions that involve crayons/markers for the slightly older ones:
Some will be sequencing "how to cook a turkey":
There is a sheet to choose a favorite Thanksgiving food to describe. I usually have my students color the circle according to the EET beads; this helps them associate the color with the descriptor. I have these students take the sheet home and go over it with their parents.
I have students working on idioms that go perfectly with the Thanksgiving Theme:
My artic students will play a game at the end of the week; whoever gets all of their food items first is the winner.
Of course my artic kids will have homework!
I have some /r/ students who are ready for a challenge, and I have just the thing for them:
I can't wait to see how they do with the Great R Challenge from Small Talk SLP! They have the most trouble with the medial position, so I'm going to challenge them next week and see how they do!

I have a lot going on in my speech room next week. Come back at the end of next week to see how much we got done!

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