{Looking Ahead} It's a Blitz! (And a Freebie!)

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My school system is having a 1 book blitz for the month of January. Pre-K through 12th Grades are reading the same book: Charlotte's Web by EB White. To be perfectly honest, things seem a little discombobulated with the planning. My initial thought was to follow along with my schools and to plan speech/language activities that correlated with what the students are reading. The reality is that not only are both of my schools reading the same chapters, but each grade is reading something different. I just don't have the time to figure out what each grade is doing, so I'm going with some generic activities.

This is a short week, so that helps a bit with the planning. Tuesday, Mia at Putting Words in Your Mouth has an Open Ended Dot Art Freebie that includes a pig. PERFECT! All of my students on Tuesday are artic (except for 2: 1 receives inclusion services, the other is working on retelling stories), which makes planning pretty easy. My 4th graders may or may not want to do the sheet, so they'll do the Great R Challenge by Small Talk SLP.

Wednesday & Thursday, my artic groups will play Pop the Pig
Pop the Pig Game - New and Improved - Belly-Busting Fun as You Feed Him Burgers and Watch His Belly Grow
For my kids who are working on "Wh" questions and saying complete sentences I found Who's Hiding in the Barn from Panda Speech:
Who's Hiding in the Barn? FREEBIE Min-Prep Activity
As an added bonus, I found an emergent reader from Lindsey Karol that they can work on for the next couple of weeks and take home:
My Farm Book: Emergent Reader Freebie
For homework, I made a quick worksheet for the students to circle the pictures that have their sound in it, then take home for homework. (Just click on the picture to be taken directly to the product to download.)

That should do it for the week of the 16th! Does your school system do a 1 book blitz? If so, what book are you reading this year?

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