DIY Planner Stickers: Whole Sheet

I've jumped on the planner sticker bandwagon, but I've run into a bit of a snag. There are some stickers that I want to use for specific things, but I couldn't find what I wanted on Etsy. I don't have a cutting machine, and can't justify buying one for just a few stickers. I knew there had to be a way, and I found it.
I picked these up at Office Depot for about $7 or $8. They also have round ones, but I stuck with the rectangular ones. If you're interested, make sure you get the ones that you can put through your printer.
From there, you go to the Avery website, find the product, and you can complete the template. The tutorial below will walk you through making the sticker to suit your needs.

A finished product using 1 picture for the whole sheet:
I've found some ideal stickers through Etsy. My favorite SLP seller for IEP stickers is Kiwi Speech. I've also found some stickers for household reminders from PlannerMint and The Crafty Student
*For the next installment in this series, click here.
I am in no way associated with Avery Stickers and have received no compensation for this blog post.

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