{Looking Ahead} Still Sliding! (and a Freebie!)

Talk about being unprepared! We had a snow day on Friday so I didn't have time to prepare properly. Then, we had snow on Saturday and with temps not getting above freezing until Monday, I think there's a chance we may have Monday off as well. So, I'm going with 'Plan A' and 'Plan B' for Monday/Tuesday:
Plan A: No school on Monday
If this happens, I'm going to let my kids play Don't Break the Ice again. Several of them asked if we could play it again next time, so this will be their chance! Plus, I left the game at my Tues./Thurs. school, so it's all set up and ready to go.
Plan B: School on Monday
I've got this cute game called Don't Rock the Boat.
I'll use this game since it's stored at my M/W school. It's a "Don't Spill the Beans" kind of game: put a penguin on the boat, but if it tips over, that person has to take all of the penguins that fall off.
For Wed./Thurs., Jenn Alcorn has the perfect activity:
In this packet, there are several different language activities, but 1 that will be used is the Winter Scenes Cut & Glue for following directions. The smaller pictures will be cut out prior to the session so time won't be wasted waiting for the students to cut them out.
She's got me covered for artic as well. 
The picture above is an example of the blank sheet; there are sheets for six sounds. The student rolls the dice and says a word corresponding to the number. Then, he will "X" the word said. Instead of printing out 1 sheet for each student, I'll slip one in a dry erase pocket so it can be reused.
For homework, I made a quick sheet to use. The student finds the pictures that have the target sound and circles those pictures. This is a freebie, so just click on the picture below to download!
What do you do when you don't have appropriate time to plan?

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