{Looking Ahead} Sliding into the Routine

Technically, this isn't a "Looking Ahead" post since I'm a day into our half-week following Christmas Break. I'm going to be perfectly honest with you: I didn't plan for what I was going to do in therapy when we came back. It wasn't until we were on our way home from our New Year's camping trip that I thought about using Don't Break the Ice. It's definitely a favorite with my kids! Annie from Doyle Speech Works has the ideal go-along with the game: 

Don't Break the Ice Mats for Speech and Language

The mats are perfect for eliciting responses and are great to use for mixed groups since several phonemes and language targets are included. 
For artic: I had the students "X" the target corresponding to the ice cube chosen to tap. For the students waiting for their turn, they put a slash (half of the "x") on the same target as the person taking his turn. When it was her turn, she said the targets with the half "x" as well as the one corresponding to the ice cube chosen. So, more responses were elicited because each student was marking the same boxes and saying all the words. If more than one ice block fell through, everyone slashed the corresponding boxes and said the words when it was their turn. 
I have some students who are working on isolation. I had those students produce their target 3 times, then I said the word & they identified where in the word their sound is (beginning, middle, or end). 
Using the mats is a great way to add a little variety to playing the game. The kids enjoyed it, and I also enjoyed it. I didn't take data (I only take data when we're using picture cards so I'm not comparing apples to oranges) so it allowed me to slide back into the routine as well. We can all use some "sliding into" after breaks, don't you agree?

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