{Looking Ahead} A Presidential Week (Plus a Freebie!)

I have another short week since Presidents' Day is Monday. Most of my students had no idea why we don't have school; isn't that a sad thought? Here's what I have planned to do my part.

5 Minute Day
We'll start off the week with numero uno: George Washington. For the independent station, the students will use this sheet to color the cherries after they say their target, then roll the die:
For this freebie, click here.
As I was looking through my materials to decide what game I was going to use, I came across February Bingo. I haven't used a Bingo game in a while, so I pulled it out.
This game is perfect for talking about everything that happens in February. I put the cards in an empty tissue box, and, following production of the target, the student pulls out a card. He/she then tells what the picture is, and everyone looks to see if they have it on their own card. This keeps the students paying attention: I don't let them help each other so they have to pay attention and listen. After the card is drawn, we briefly discuss what it has to do with February. My hope is that something will stick in their little minds!

Continuing with the Lincoln theme, my students' homework will be to say the 10 words (in the phase they are working on) that are on their page.
The homework can be found here.

I have some nonfiction passages that I will be using to introduce Washington and Lincoln before we start with the game. Those passages will also be used for answering "wh" questions and inferencing. 

I know some people have the day as a Professional Development Day. My school system has "Banking Days" where we can bank some PD hours and get the day off, which is what Presidents' Day is for us. Do you have Presidents' Day off? 

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