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If you're keeping up with my Looking Ahead series, you didn't miss a week. I took the week off from blogging to deal with some family matters. And, since I still have a lot of things going on, I was even more thankful for my Frenzied SLP friends' Sharing Kindness blog hop. I ended up with a whole week's worth of activities for free! It's not too late to get in on it! Click here to get started.

5 Minute Day:
Mia from Putting Words in Your Mouth made these adorable mats to use with chips & magnetic wands; perfect for an independent activity during a 5 minute day. The students will produce their target a certain amount of times, roll the dice, then cover the hearts with magnetic chips.

My contribution is a team game. I've said this many, many times: my kids adore these games! In this game, the students have to put the heart together before the pictures from the party are in the frames.

I 💖 that Sparklle SLP & I are on the same page with giving our students homework. She is giving us something appropriate for younger kids (top page) as well as something for older kids (lower page).
AND, she even has something for those students on the carry-over phase. The students draw/write ways they can share kindness and put the booklet together, then take the booklet home & review with a helper. This can also be used for the independent activity during a 5 minute day so therapy time isn't used to complete the booklet.
Laura from All Y'all Need has this cute activity to work on pronouns, prepositions, and possessives.
Abby from Schoolhouse Talk gave a concept interactive book that can also be used for following directions.
Kristen from Talkin' With Twang made this cute story to use for comprehension and sequencing.
Need something for students working on social skills? Lisette from Speech Sprouts has this sweet activity to work on kindness.
WHEW! That's a lot of free activities that will cover just about every student on your caseload. If you download, please be kind and leave feedback. 

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