{Looking Ahead} Hopping into Easter

Easter is here already! That means only 5 more weeks of school after this week! (Not that I'm counting or anything.) We don't have school on Friday so I won't be giving my students homework.

5 Minute Day
The great thing about team games is that they can be used for an independent center. This is my Jelly Bean Bunny Game from Spring 4 in 1 Games. From the instructions: The bunny loves jelly beans! He took Amy's jelly beans, but some are falling out as he is hopping. Get the fallen jelly beans in the jar before he makes it to the hole.

Game Day

Funny Bunny is a must right before Easter. The kids especially love it when I play and my bunnies fall down the hole. Before choosing a card, the student says his/her target 3 times. The first person to the top wins, but if their bunnies fall into the hole: Bye, bye, bunny! They have to start all over with a new bunny. If all 4 end up down the hole, they're out of the game (but that almost never happens!). 

Preschool Craftivity
I used this a couple of years ago and decided it was time to bring back for my preschoolers. In order to get a piece of the bunny, they will have to say 2 of their target cards. After the bunny is put together, they will say more words with their target as they glue the pictures on the tummy to take home for more practice. You can find the freebie here.
Before the craftivity, we'll take a few minutes to see if we can find the bunny:
Other Language Activities

I've used following directions for the past couple of weeks with some of my students. This freebie has worked out well. I started out using the Level 1 and have been able to move on to Level 2 and the 2-step directions.
Another freebie that's been great is Spring WH Questions. I've had to pull some of the cards out that were too difficult for my students, but was able to use the majority of them. I used these cards in conjunction with the games we've played; both of them together are great to use when you have students who are in "mixed" groups, or with students who need to work on turn-taking in addition to "wh?".

I'm blown away that the school year is winding down. It's been a hectic, busy year, but I'm so ready for Summer Break!

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