{Looking Ahead} From Dragons to Bears & Hares

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I didn't do very well posting my therapy activities for last week. I'm not going to bore you with what I did, but you can find all of the activities here
This week's planning wasn't as time consuming as last week, because Sparklle SLP has a book companion for Tops and Bottoms (Janet Stevens).

5 Minute Day
Once again, Sparklle comes to the rescue with a great activity for the independent station during 5 Minute Day: homework and an activity! Using the list she has provided with words from the story, the students write words with their target sound in the radishes. They will take it home for homework. (Only 2 more times to give out homework for the school year!)

Game Day 
I made this game to go along with the book. The first person to have their garden finished is the winner! The book isn't necessary for the game, but it is highly encouraged. You can find the game here

My preschool walk-ins will be playing this game from Speech Room News. It's part of her companion packet for the book. Since I don't start 5 Minute Days until halfway through Kindergarten year, I try to have a game or craftivity for the little ones.

1 of the things I like about Sparklle's companion packets is that she always seems to have what I need for my language students!
Following Directions:
And Comprehension in a really neat format:
My school system is finishing up state testing this week, so that means therapy is hit or miss for my older students. It's all downhill after that!
What are some activities you'll be doing in your room this week?

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