What Do You Call It?

We all hit them sooner or later. With me, it's later.
I thought I was feeling burned out. I love my job, I really, really do. I can't imagine doing anything else. I love the students. I love that they make me laugh. I love that kids are still kids and can say the darnedest things.
I love the people with whom I work. I consider them my friends. 33 years is a long time to work in the same profession. It's actually quite amazing that I haven't had this feeling before, but I haven't. It's hard to pinpoint the feeling. 
And then, I found it while reading my Lenten Journal: Battle-weary. That's IT! Battle-weary & tired. 
For the past few years, I've been so caught up in TpT and social media, that I've strayed away from what I know is tried and true. I pulled out my "oldies but goodies" and took a break from all the cutesie materials that look fantastic, but really don't matter a whole lot to the students. Honestly, I look at some of the materials I purchased and wonder, "What was I thinking?" (I seem to have done that quite a bit over the past couple of years!)
So, here's a short list of what to do when you're battle-weary:

🚢 Get away from Social Media. Yep, I'm convinced social media is "da debil". 
I've reduced social media to only checking my notifications on Facebook. I scroll through Instagram every so often, but not nearly as much as I used to.

🚢 Look through materials in your room and use what you've neglected. I'm saving money by not buying a lot of things on TpT. That's not to say that if I'm looking for something specific I still won't jump on and see if I can find something, but for the most part, my time spent there has been dramatically reduced. 

🚢 Don't feel inadequate because you don't have a clue about Tailwind...I"m determined not to.  I'm also not going to jump on the video bandwagon with any of the social media outlets. 

🚢 Spend time with family. If you have little ones, enjoy them instead of getting sucked in to social media or TpT. If you don't have little ones, spend time with your husband or significant other. Better yet, take care of yourself. 

It may be because both of my parents are gone, but I'm realizing that there's so much more to life than being an SLP. Our profession shouldn't define who we are. For the past 33 years, when asked who I am, being an SLP would be near the top of the list, if not the top. How much have I missed? I'm just glad the whole TpT craze is happening at this point in my life and not earlier. I'm glad I had the time with my boys that I did. 
I'm looking forward to describing myself in other ways, and saying, "Oh, yeah. I'm also an SLP" as an afterthought. I still have around 10 years before I will probably be able to retire. I vow to be the best SLP I can, but it will not define who I am any longer. 


  1. You hit a nail on the head with this post! I have only been practicing in the SLP field for 15 years, and have had that same feeling. I, too, have decreased my social media time as well as TpT spending for those same reasons. Thanks for this post!

    1. Stepping away from social media definitely makes a difference!

  2. Great post! I have been an SLP for 13 years and just started a family (we have a 3yo and 1yo). I do not take things home anymore and have been using the old tried and true HELP books more this year!!


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