{Looking Ahead} The Aliens Have Landed!

The handsome old girl in the picture above is Pepper, my 15 year old Jack Russell Mix.  She's the closest thing to an alien I have!

The aliens are invading my speech room this week. They may love underpants, but they're going to save earth!  Activities this week will be centered around the book Aliens in Underpants Save the World (Claire Freedman). 

5 Minute Day
During the independent station, my students are going to be busy. 1st, they will say 2 words on the printed out sheet and then daub it. Then, they will roll the die and put that number of chips on the circles to see if they can get through with both activities before it's time to switch. I like to have the students roll the die in the box to keep them from chasing it down, which saves time as well. 
My walk-ins will use the chips as a game; they will say the words and daub the aliens before they use their cards to say their words. This is the last homework of the year! 

Game Day
The game this week is a team game: the students will produce their targets, then choose a card. I usually put the cards in an empty tissue box so they can't see what they are choosing.
If he/she pics a planet, then the meteor is moved down 1 space. If he/she chooses an alien, then the underpants is moved up 1 space. If the students, as a team, get their underpants to the blue line before the meteor reaches the green line, they win! Since this is a relatively short game, they will probably be able to play more than once.

My language students who are in a "mixed group" will listen to the story being read through a YouTube clip during the independent center. They will be ready to retell story when it's their turn to spend time with me. I use Super Duper's Story Builder to work on retell; the book has homework pages in it. All I do is write what each part of the story should be and send it home for homework. 

Other students will be working on answering "wh" questions about the book. I will also pull some following directions from some books that I have on my shelf. 

The year is quickly coming to an end. State testing will be finishing up on Monday, followed by make-ups the rest of the week. Then it's only 1 more full week of school and 4 more days until summer break. How close are you to break?

The activities used this week can be found here.

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