{Looking Ahead} Last Full Week of Therapy!

Yes, you read that right: it's the last full week of therapy! As we're winding down, therapy will be hit or miss, so we're taking things easy!

5 Minute Day
The last 5 Minute Day! This is a team game, but not one that I've made. This is from the "Troll in a Bowl" team games that I have (but can't find anywhere online). The student attempts to get Pete from the cactus to the horse before he falls onto the snake. This will be the independent center. In the picture above, I have an example of what my students working on /r/ in isolation will do. Since they aren't making the /r/ sound correctly, I don't want them to practice it incorrectly. 1 of the things I do when working on /r/ in isolation is to have them go through 3 different sizes of straws. They have to be able to keep the cottonball on the straw until I count to 5. I came up with this idea one day while drinking a milkshake; by the time I got to the bottom of the cup, the back of my tongue hurt. I use the straws to strengthen the back of the tongue. During the independent activity, they use the straws for their tongue exercises. The straw in the picture above is a coffee stirrer, which is straw #3...the final straw!

Game Day
Something's Buggy is a fun little game! Following production of the target, the student chooses a card. He then picks that part of the bug and puts it on his bug mat. The first person to finish his bug is the winner. 
Since this is an open-ended game, my "mixed" groups will have no difficulty playing.

Aliens in Underpants Save the World is still hanging out at 1 of my schools since I didn't get a chance to use it for story retell last week. 
I'll be pulling out some following directions and answering questions for my language students.

What about homework? There will be none this week since it's the last week for some of my students (depending on what they have going on next week in the classroom)!!!

2 more Mondays!

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