4 Tips for Getting Back in the Groove

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While friends around the country are just settling into their summer routines, the Southeast USA is gearing up for a new school year. I tell my husband constantly that only having a couple of weeks vacation at a time makes it much easier to go back to work than having a couple of months off. I spent my summer avoiding most things speech-related. I definitely needed that break. I read books, watched some Masterpiece Theater, and did some things around the house that had been neglected.  But now, with the beginning date for staff in just a few days, I'm desperately trying to get into the back to school groove.

Here's how I mentally prepare for getting back in the groove:
  1. Get my new planner in order. I actually did this in June, as soon as it was delivered. I have all of my personal and school calendar information in with stickers on the appropriate days in the monthly view. 
  2.  Check my school email. I haven't checked my school email regularly all summer, so it's time to see what is happening. I have to admit to fighting off a slight panic attack when I saw a video from the SpEd Office Staff. 
  3. Complete online Professional Development Courses. My school system requires some online training, so the perfect time to complete them is right before I report for the school year. The SLP Summit is an easy, quick way to load up on some CEUs.
  4. Clean out my bag. I had a wonderful bag that I used the past few years but it was beginning to show wear. I purchased a new one; it's not as big as the other one but I think it will work. 
Just doing those 4 things has helped me tremendously. Being organized is definitely an advantage. Stepping away from Speech things for a couple of months has also helped. We all need to step away and realize who we are, not as SLPs, but as actual people!
All of the "beginning of the year" things (seeing whose class my students are in, getting ready for Kindergarten screening & 1st and 2nd-grade re-screenings, getting meeting dates in my planner) can wait until I get in the building. For now, just concentrating on the four things listed above is enough. 
What do you do to get your mind ready for the beginning of the school year? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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planner next to red flowers with pen and paperclip beside planner. Text on the planner: Enjoy the little things. Text under picture: Getting back in the groove. 4 tips to help you get ready for the new year.

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