Laboring over Labor Day

I was so looking forward to the weekend.  I was looking forward to taking a couple of days to actually get ahead with my paperwork.  I would have been through on Saturday if it hadn't been for the blog hop.  You know the one I'm talking about:  the "SLPS Hopping Back into School" Blog Hop. If you haven't heard about it, you can start here.  There were so many free materials that I know I can use with my students, that I had to print them out!

That involved a trip to Office Depot for cardstock and laminating pouches, and then another trip for black ink, but I got them all printed out!  AND, when I was in Michaels looking for ribbon so I can hang this:
I found this "large photo and craft keeper":
Perfect for keeping the TpT cards in!  I got the idea from another blog, but I couldn't find it again to give credit for where I found it.  So, if it's you & you're reading this, please let me know so I can give you credit!
After I printed out the cards, I printed the title page on regular paper and changed the size to "Index Card 4x6".  It fit in the front of the individual case perfectly.  Then, my husband had the great idea to use the labelmaker to make labels for the tops so I don't have to pull up the case to see what's inside it:
I love the idea of using this case; I can pull out the individual boxes I need and throw them in my carrier so I'll have them at my school:
And the best part:  I got 40% off!  I got a notification on my phone that I had a coupon for 40% off of 1 item.  WOOT!!!  Yesterday I saw a 50% off coupon, but I didn't get to use it on another case because it was already on sale.  I just happened to have a 15% off everything coupon, so I ended up getting it for almost 1/2 off.  When I was heading to checkout, I saw these for $1.50:

As soon as I get another big coupon like that, I'm going to scoot on down and grab another one of the cases.
For those items that won't fit in the boxes (the ones that have game boards), I put them in a large envelope.  I'll laminate the envelopes at school on Tuesday.

I got a lot accomplished over the weekend:  Invitations to all of my meetings for September drafted and waiting to be printed out, Dismissal Paperwork ready to be printed out, Prior Written Notices ready, Draft IEPs ready to go for most of my meetings, and even an addendum ready to go out.  On top of that, I got notification letters from Kindergarten Screening ready to go home, as well as notifications to the teachers so they'll know the results.  (The following is a sample.)
I also took time out to bake a "Banana Bread Cake" that someone posted on FB, and go to the grocery store.
All in all, a very productive weekend.  Best of all, I feel a lot less stressed.
Did you have work to do, or did you get to play?

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  1. Here is the biggest question: how do you get things to stick to those walls?! I have the same ones and everything falls down!


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