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Wow!  Another linky party!  If I can link up, I'm in!  Thedabblingspeechie is hosting a linky party to show off your work space.  I have 2 schools:  1 is only 2 years old, the other is about 100 years old.  Kidding, but it is one of the oldest schools in the system.  My room in the older school is smaller, but there are a couple of good-sized windows.
Before I get to my older school, here's a view of my drive:
Most days it's just beautiful because it's rare when there isn't a fog settling in "the gap".  The turn-off to the school is just past the gap.
The view from the door as you walk in:
 The view from beside the windows:  (Since I've taken this picture, I hung my "Keep Calm" frame up above the file cabinet in the above picture.)
 My "Cool Dudes" Chart (compliments of "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs"):
The students' "Cool Dude" gets moved up as they go through the artic levels.  Thank you, Nicole at Speech Peeps for giving me the idea!
The only thing I don't have pictures of is my 2 large bookshelves.  I found a couple of very inexpensive shower curtains at Dollar General to hang over them.  I had sheer curtains, but it was a little distracting.

Now for my new school.  Here's a picture of the playground:
It was a foggy morning, and I thought it was pretty cool the way the fog hung over the mountains!
The view from the door:
The basket on the right side holds the students' homework folders.  I have a smartboard, but I honestly don't use it that much.  I plan on using it during my "5 minute days".  If you have any ideas, please share!
On the black storage cabinet, there are these boxes that I got from the Dollar Tree last Spring:
 A closer look:
I have pictures in the boxes so that the students can reach in and grab one to glue on their paper during a "5 minute Day".  (Thanks, Jenn at Crazy Speech World for this great idea!)
The view from my desk:
 To the right of my chair is another artic "ladder", but I use paws at this school since we're the Tiger Cubs. (Compliments of "Graphics from the Pond")  At both schools, I used the Cute Color-Filled Text Frames  by The 3am Teacher for the levels.
To the left are reminders that I use to make a good /r/.  (I have this same chart at my old school, in between the windows.)  I used the 8.5 x 11 Bordered Background Cover Pages by Cat Lady Graphics for this.
Since I teach students how to make an /r/ using /i/ as a starter, these are my reminders:
1.  Move your tongue slowly and smoothly
2.  Don't move your mouth
3.  Hold onto your "E"
That wraps up my little piece of the Speech World!  I feel very fortunate to have 2 very decent rooms.  Go over to thedabblingspeechie to visit other rooms!

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  1. Hey! I see you playing the flute in your picture!! I played from 4th grade all the way through college (SDSU baby!) Then graduate school hit and I stopped playing....I still have both my flutes and really should practice so I could guest play with the kids at school or teach lesson in my free time! I don't want to forget how to play! Where are you an SLP! Looks beautiful with all the mountains, fog and green!!


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